Our climate support

With our use of petrol-powered boats, we add CO2 to the global climate. We offer people the opportunity to experience animal and bird life in the coastal areas around us, but that does not mean that we have the right to contribute to a worse climate for the ecosystem we operate in. Therefore, we would do what we could to “pay back” what we got through wildlife experiences. We therefore contacted the organization 8 billion trees that work with planting rainforests in places like Madagascar and the Amazon. By calculating our emissions from using petrol and diesel for boats and cars in connection with the work we do in Seasafari Øksnes, we get annual help from 8 billion trees to plant around 500 trees a year that will annually take up more than our annual emissions. We also hope that other actors and companies will help to contribute to a better environment and support the organization with their work. In addition to planting trees, they create jobs for locals and form new habitats for birds, animals and insects.

If you want to help, visit http://www.8billiontrees.com