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Midnightsun safari

What is better than the northern Norwegian late summer night with calm sea and the midnight sun in the horizon? The midnight sun can only be seen north of the polar circle, where in Norway is crossing at Saltfjellet between Helgeland and Salten. In our area, the midnight sun is visible in June and July. Thousands of people travel to the northern coastal areas to experience the unique phenomenon in the summertime. Traveling with RIB allows you to come even closer the event as we observe the sun set to sun rise in one coherent action. There will also be possibilities to see sea eagles, puffins, seals and even whales. This is a life time experience! We will depart and arrive from Stø or Nyksund, what ever is best for you. You will be dressed up with our floating dresses and life wests. The trip will be estimated to ca 2 hours. We also recommend you to bring cameras, sun glasses, cap/hat and maybe some toddy to really enjoy the sunset/rise.

Min 8 pers/ 8400 NOK